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About Utility

This is a simple utility that will convert the c#.net winform designer code to xaml code. Copy the designer code in the first text area, Press the convert button. The converted xaml code will be displayed in second text area. This is a beta version of the website. For now the utility converts around 70% of code.

This utility will convert all the basic events of conntrols and supports the following controls.
Framework 2.0, 3.5:
1. Form
2. Button
3. Checkbox
4. ComboBox
5. GroupBox
6. Panel
7. Label
8. ListBox
9. MaskedTextBox (will be replaced with normal text box)
10. MenuStrip(2.0,3.5)
11. RichTextBox
12. StatusStrip(2.0,3.5)
13. TextBox
14. ToolStrip
15. TabControl
16. ListView
17. MonthCalendar
18. TableLayoutPanel
19. PictureBox

These are the controls supported in the following framework after conversion.
Framework 4.0:
1. DataGrid
2. DatePicker
And all the controls supported in old framework.
Datagridview control of Framework 2.0, 3.5 will be converted to WPF DataGrid in Framework 4.0.

Future release:
1. Support for custom and user controls.
2. Silverlight support.