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    WPF Fundamentals

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    Base classes for WPF

    WPF Base Classes:

    . Object—The base class for all .NET classes.

    DispatcherObject—The base class meant for any object that wishes to be accessed only on the thread that created it. (ThreadSafe)

    DependencyObject—The base class for any object that can support dependency properties,

    Freezable—The base class for objects that can be “frozen” into a read-only state for performance reasons.

    Visual—The base class for all objects that have their own 2D visual representation

    UIElement—The base class for all 2D visual objects with support for routed events, command binding, layout, and focus

    Visual3D—The base class for all objects that have their own 3D visual representation.

    ContentElement—A base class similar to UIElement but for document-related pieces of content that don’t have rendering behavior on their own

    FrameworkElement—The base class that adds support for styles, data binding, resources, and a few common mechanisms for Windows-based controls, such as tooltips and context menus.

    Control—The base class for familiar controls such as Button, ListBox, and StatusBar.

    Logical and Visual Trees:

    WPF user interfaces are constructed from a tree of objects known as a logical tree.

         <Window xmlns=”http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml/presentation”
    Title=” WPF 4 ” Background=”OrangeRed”> <StackPanel> <Label FontWeight=”Bold” FontSize=”20” Foreground=”White”> WPF 4 is great </Label> <Label>For Professionals</Label> <Label>Topics :</Label> <ListBox>
    <ListBoxItem>XAML</ListBoxItem> <ListBoxItem>Binding</ListBoxItem> </ListBox>

    Logical Tree:

         <StackPanel Orientation=”Horizontal” HorizontalAlignment=”Center”> 
         <Button MinWidth=”75” Margin=”10”>Help</Button>
         <Button MinWidth=”75” Margin=”10”>OK</Button> 
         <StatusBar>All the best .</StatusBar>

    Visual Tree:

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